Thursday, October 1, 2009


From the people who brought you and the ECCC Blogosphere, welcome to the New England Cyclocross Blogosphere.

Here you will find a litany of New England Based Cyclocross blogs and a few other odds and ends.

Also, we will be doing polls to see what you the people are doing each week as the NECX season goes on...

We are accepting nominations for blogs to add, so shoot us an e-mail, do the same if you find your blog here and would like it removed.

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startfinish said...

Feel free to add to your list. I do the announcing at lots of races in New England including some CX. I try to write up a story on each race that I work at. In the case of gster, I raced and spectated so the report is a little different than usual. I hope you like it.

Thanks for putting this together.