Thursday, February 10, 2011

Indoor Time Trial? TOTALLY!

Dear Friends,

Have you been wallowing in self pity because you cant get in a hard ride during the week? Or the thought of another interval workout, staring at your spice rack while listening to Prodigy's Firestarter on headphones is too much to bear? Well there's no need for you to cry yourself to sleep, your sheets soaked in shame and recovery powder, anymore.

Announcing the Giro de Fred!

Starting next week, Bikes not Bombs and Cambridge Bicycle Racing will be putting on an "indoor stage race"! There's no prizes and nothing to win, except glory come the start of road racing season.

Each "stage" will feature a new workout from CB sponsor THESUFFERFEST.COM. Because face it, the weather outside sucks and riding the trainer alone in your kitchen is getting old.

Stage 1 is happening next tuesday morning (2/15) at the Bikes not Bombs hub at 6:30am. Bring your bike, trainer and water. Suggested donation to Bikes not Bombs of $5. All the info is available for free at

See you there!

Seth Davis